The choice of where to go for your physical therapy is up to you, but it can be hard to know what to look for. That’s why most people choose their physical therapist based on convenience or a doctor’s recommendation. To help you understand why the experience at Hands On Rehabilitation may be different from other providers, we have posted this page. Minimum industry standards are offered by The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Read more about those standards on their website. In addition to those minimum standards, please use the tabs on this page to see some additional standards adhered to here at Hands On Rehabilitation.

All licensed physical therapists meet the requirements of the state licensing board.  Hands On Rehabilitation therapists are required to have advanced training in select specialties chosen by our clinical director for their effectiveness when treating certain conditions, which may include:

  • Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Deep Tissue Massage – Soft tissue mobilization techniques proven to reduce or eliminate pain and improve mobility.
  • Lumbar Core Stabilization – Enhances natural postural mechanisms to correct mechanical dysfunction, promoting long-term spine health beyond the initial rehabilitation.
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment – a comprehensive assessment used to detect the improper patterns of movement and select the most useful therapeutic interventions.
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – demonstrates expertise in the selection and performance of exercises for rehabilitation and sports performance.

Many hospital and institutional physical terapy departments are set up to minimize costs in response to the continued pressure from insurance companies. This typically leads to more patients per hour per physical therapist, which means less one-on-one hands on care. This can greatly impact the quality of care and the patient experience.

  • At Hands On Rehab patients will work with our skilled, licensed practitioners on EVERY visit.
  • Hands On Rehab provides your plan of care based on our professional judgment and best-practices, not insurance company endorsed “cookie-cutter” protocol.
Many hospitals and institutions face challenges that impact the patient’s physical therapy experience. Many of our patients who have had physical therapy elsewhere describe the experience as being “treated more like a number than a person.” Our therapists are committed to providing an experience that is as satisfying and enjoyable as possible. To do that we’ve addressed some of the most common complaints and frustrations reported at many other facilities including long wait times, confusion with insurance and paper work, and poor customer service.
Hands On Rehabilitation provides quick access to care (within 24 hours in most cases) while most larger institutions have 2-4 week waiting periods. In addition, for your conveneince and to insure your satisfaction, we provide:
  • Free Screenings to help you learn about our approach to your specific treatment before starting care.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: We offer morning, evening, and weekend appointments, and the ability to change appointment times with a phone call.
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